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Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Anna Katharine Green is credited with shaping detective fiction into its classic form, and developing the series detective. Green has been called "the mother of the detective novel". She stamped the mystery genre with the distinctive features that would influence writers from Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle to contemporary authors of suspenseful "whodunits". Charles Dickens: all 16 novels. Charles Dickens. Bleak House. Agnes Grey. Wilkie Collins. Little Dorrit Mobi Classics. Dombey And Son Mobi Classics.

George Gissing. Cousin Phillis Mobi Classics. Elizabeth Gaskell. The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain.

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Sketches by Boz. The Leavenworth Case. Anna Katharine Green. Arthur Conan Doyle. Ghost Stories. Greatest Mystery Novels of Wilkie Collins. Charles Dickens: 9 collections of short stories and sketches. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. The Guilty River. Initials Only. Sketches By Boz Mobi Classics. Henry James.

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Wilkie Collins Collection Illustrated. James, Charles Dickens and Others. John Grafton. Wilkie Collins: The Best Works. The Woman in the Alcove. Anna Katherine Green. Hard Times. The Idiot. John Kendrick Bangs. Robert Louis Stevenson. An Anne Bronte reader. Anne Bronte. The Circular Study. Charles Dickens Six Pack. Charles Dickens Collection - Short Stories. Short Stories.

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Penny Dreadful Presents The Mary Elizabeth Braddon Collection. Mary Newton Stanard. The Old Curiosity Shop Illustrated. Embarrassments A Collection of Short Stories.

Marie O'regan. Eliza Leslie. The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories. George Eliot. A Thoughtless Yes. Helen H. Bram Stoker. Dombey and Son,. The Rector. Margaret Oliphant. A Rose in June. Scholastic Classics: Ghost Stories. The Good Time Coming. Aurora Floyd. The Hermit and the Wild Woman and other stories. Edith Wharton. A Pair Of Patient Lovers. William Dean Howells. Coffee and Repartee. Purple and Fine Linen. Edgar Fawcett.

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Willing to Die. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Little Dorrit. Living Too Fast. But what do all these have in common? And not written by the celebrities themselves.

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What do they know? Who really knows their stories? The guy who was there in the trenches, the guy who made them famous in the first place. It was the writer! Who knew these stars before they became egomaniacs? Before they even knew the difference between Calistoga and Evian? The difference between dark chocolate or milk?

Who told them what to say and how to say it? Kenny Solms has seen them all. He wrote and schmoozed with the best of them. However, he has yet to meet Leonardo DiCaprio. Solms wrote their movies, their TV shows…. But then back up again. A funny romp that takes you from Philadelphia to Hollywood.

A cruise behind the Hollywood scenes, down the freeways, up the canyons and then some. From variety shows to sitcoms, from big star specials to Broadway, he shares his roller coaster ride from writing tacky one-liners to creating TV classics. And what a ride! Jump in the passenger seat and share it with him. Author Kenny Solms is the one whose bits Lucille Ball uttered.

He got Bill Cosby his laughs. Sure, he might have made millions doing it and garnered a few Emmys as well, but is he cocky? Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr. Even the Muppet, Miss Piggy, who he claims was a bitch. Kenny Solms is an accomplished comedy writer in both television and theater. Unique individuals are becoming the driving force in the transformation of healthcare. Digitization enables access to information, which feeds the desire of people to act, behave and be treated as unique individuals. Scientific innovation is revealing the importance of our biologic individuality.

In virtually every other aspect of their lives individuals have choices and options. An individual with information know the options, and wants to choose the option most suited to his or her unique healthcare needs and financial means. They put a finer point on the complexities that health plans and providers must contemplate as they transform to better serve an informed consumer.

The authors, who are well qualified to address these issues, have nicely described how leaders and trustees of healthcare organizations need to be aware of global trends and incorporate them in the strategy development process. They offer important suggestions for all healthcare leaders who are striving to advance patient health and well-being. He retired in December Providence is one of the largest health systems in the US, with over 67, employees, 33 hospitals and operating in five western states.

Koster joined Providence as chief medical officer in April and held numerous roles in system operations until he became president and chief executive officer in Prior to joining Providence, Dr. Koster served as senior vice president of VHA, Inc. His leadership positions have spanned Wall Street, academia, health policy and entrepreneurial ventures in the information technology, health services and medical device industries. His story can help energize the next generation of progressive advocates.

All these elements — and more — are present in this engaging, informative, often moving volume.

Work and Win; Noddy Newman on a Cruise by Oliver OPTIC read by Scarlett Martin - Full Audio Book

How did this boy from Detroit grow up to become one of the most effective progressive legislators Congress has ever seen? Read Eastside Kid and find out. They grew up with a set of interests and values that they would take with them to the halls of a great democracy. The foundations of his boyhood, his Catholicism and athleticism, were where he often sought and found comfort.

It was then he learned to embrace the struggle of the underdog. He was taught the value of work by a loving, yet taciturn father and grandfather. David Bonior was a working class kid with big dreams. How he became a leader in his community on and off the sports field and then used those skills to become not only a member of congress, but the House Whip, the number two person in his party in the United States House of Representatives. This is a book of early memories.


It is about an American town where he took his first step, said his first word, and learned the fundamental life lessons that made him the legislator he was and the person he will always be. Fully illustrated with period and family photographs, this story is an invocation of a truly American life. I am an independent photographer and journalist, born in France and sensitized by the events of May Paris.

I traveled to the United States in and found myself documenting the Washington, D. That is where I learned that the power of a peaceful but vocal citizenry could affect national policy. Married to an American, I chose to live in Montague, Massachusetts, where I was privileged to witness the emergence of a new political force: This book is about power. Not just nuclear power but, as I have witnessed, the power of community to force action and make a change.

Indeed, due to such action, no construction was commissioned for 30 years. It is unfortunately clear to me that the threat of nuclear power remains real. It will be impossible for the reader viewing these photographs from Chernobyl and Fukushima not to reach the same conclusion. Evidence from these nuclear catastrophes confirms and reinforces that a safer energy alternative must be found.

Healing America

This book is my small homage to the power of democracy in the pursuit of a safe and clean environment for us all. The No Nukes movement in the s, particularly the groundbreaking Seabrook campaign by the Clamshell Alliance. The people of this region set the standard for citizen action in the era of nuclear proliferation. Images, specifically photographic images, can change the world. Tucker tried to get her story published for nine years, without success. Undaunted, Sophie hired half a dozen ghostwriters, but she still had no takers for her no holds barred autobiography.

Eventually, Doubleday published a sanitized version in Though she obsessively documented her life, Sophie loved to exaggerate for dramatic effect. Over the years, she told multiple versions of each important event. At the end, not even Sophie knew the difference between truth and tall tale. Now you can read it for yourself. Over the course of the evening, the couple fell in love with the Divine Miss M. Over the last forty years, the Eckers got married and had three children, and developed Babytobee.

Democracy Matters chapters should—and must—exist on every college campus. Change Elections to Change America documents the ongoing experiences of Democracy Matters, a nonprofit founded in , when the professional basketball player Adonal Foyle provided initial funding and support. Since then, Democracy Matters has grown to become a national organization that engages thousands of students on campuses all over the United States. This inspiring book describes the activities and history of Democracy Matters, and is a call to action, not just to students, but to all citizens who believe in the democratic process, and concludes with a positive assessment of the prospects for building a social movement in the digital age.

While social media are invaluable tools to facilitate organizing they cannot substitute for face-to-face dialogue and engagement. This book and the Democracy Matters experience it documents will inspire many more of us to do the challenging work that democratizing politics in the United States requires. Mandle is the W. As an academic he specializes in economic development and the economics of democracy. A life-long activist, he was one of the founders of Democracy Matters. Her political activism as well as her research, teaching, and publications have centered on social movements and social change in America.

Stranger at the Gates: Many of the successes of that hot summer of were thanks to the volunteers who spent the summer living in crowded and stifling homes with outside toilets, and who walked endless miles on unpaved roads, daily facing fear and danger in an attempt to register black voters with the MFDP and begin to correct the atrocity of inequality. Sugarman, a writer and illustrator who died in , was a lifelong activist and a friend of Fannie Lou Hamer.

He joined the students as a volunteer in Mississippi—not only participating but observing, taking notes, and making his wonderful drawings. His book is a vivid, on-the-spot account of a time when lives were lost, lives were changed, and the word freedom took on a new meaning. Charles McLaurin Indianola, Mississippi, We are very fortunate today that most of us do not have to fear for our lives to register and vote, but there was a time, not so long ago, when people had to give their lives so that you and I could participate more freely in the democratic process.

The right to vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have for change in a democratic society. And this is the story of what one man saw, and what was sacrificed to secure that right for all American citizens. Some were disoriented, some embittered, some exalted by a new vision of America.

I came home from the dusty roads of the Delta with a deeper understanding of patriotism, an unshakeable respect for commitment, and an abiding belief in the power of love. Tracy Sugarman April, Fifty years on, this book, out of print since , gives modern readers a window into a place and time that, while radically changed since these events occurred, is integral to our understanding of who we are as Americans.

Tracy Sugarman — was an illustrator, commercial artist, writer, and activist. He provided the illustrations for hundreds of magazines, books, and records, and was the author of four nonfiction books, including My War: The Times neither forgave nor forgot its humiliation.

A Family Memoir , dealing with the disadvantages of inherited money, was published in Currently, he writes a column for the Voice of San Diego , a new on-line daily newspaper in San Diego that has attracted national attention for news innovations. Brings back some good old times in Paris.

Authentic in its depiction of the French at home and Americans abroad. Portrait of a People. I stayed up three successive nights to finish it. It entertained me and stirred up a lot of memories. The First Hundred Years. The triumph of justice and of the wolf. The greatest event in Yellowstone history. Greater Yellowstone was the last great truly intact ecosystem in the temperate zones of the earth—until, in the s, U. With traps and rifles, even torching pups in their dens, the killing campaign was entirely successful. Two decades later, recognizing that ecosystems lacking their keystone predators tend to unravel, the visionary naturalist Aldo Leopold called for the return of the wolf to Yellowstone.

It would take another fifty years for his vision to come true. In the early s, as the movement for Yellowstone wolf restoration gained momentum, rage against it grew apace. When at last, in February , fifteen wolves were trapped in Alberta and brought to acclimation pens in Yellowstone, even then legal and political challenges continued. Once they were released, two packs remained in the national park, but one bore only one pup and the other none. They were in fact heading home. Number Nine dug a den next to the body of her mate, and gave birth to eight pups.

The story of their rescue and the manhunt for the killer is the heart of The Killing of Wolf Number Ten.