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So we decided to go through an agency in Canada. We were back to square one. It was hilarious, like a blind date. We did a transfer of two embryos to her and one to me on the same day. The hope was that at least one would take. When our surrogate told me she was pregnant, I was thrilled. I took a test at home that night and it came out positive.

I was 52 years old. It was the first time I had carried past nine weeks.

Susan Price, Gold Star Mother & Analyst, Author at America Out Loud

I wonder if it was partly because I was less stressed, because I knew I was going to be a mother regardless. Then we found out our surrogate was carrying twins! We were going to have three babies! In the 19th week of our pregnancies, we were at the hospital for a regular ultrasound and the doctors told us that our surrogate had low amniotic fluid and we could lose both babies.

She had to stay in the hospital overnight. Just before midnight, she told my husband and I to go home and get some rest. It was the longest and quietest drive home. Nothing happened that night. She was eventually admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital at week 25 and put on full bedrest. She had to take time off from her job, which was well-paying, so we had to reimburse her for that. We would have done anything for this woman.

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She was in hospital alone for three weeks, away from her own three kids our agency requires a surrogate to have her own children to show she can physically carry a child and is prepared psychologically. Just imagine a person who would do that, not for money, but out of pure compassion.

Is there a group for Gold Star mothers?

These special women who help other women like me by being surrogates are indeed angels. We are still in touch — she and her family come over for barbecues. When she was put on bedrest, we had to make a plan with social workers and map out worst-case scenarios, like, if something goes wrong, which twin do you want to save? When they asked us that, none of us said anything for about three hours. When we were both 28 weeks pregnant, I got a phone call at 3 a.

It was so early. We went to the hospital and the twins were born: Alexis was 2 lb.

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Alexis was fine, but we were told to prepare for the worst for Nicole. Five minutes later, Nicole showed signs of recovery. When we saw our girls, they were tiny and almost translucent. They were in incubators and connected to CPAP machines, which went off when they stopped breathing. Every time I heard that sound, I wondered if the babies would breathe again. I was six months pregnant myself at the time.

It was a period of incredible stress, but it was also full of wonder. The first time we saw Alexis having a bath, my husband and I sobbed — without all the wires, she finally looked like a real baby. The twins stayed at Mount Sinai for six weeks before they were transferred to a hospital closer to our house in Woodbridge, Ont.

I became a mother of three at 52 years old

I was with them every day. Just as we were getting ready to take Alexis home, my water broke. We had to leave her there and go to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, which was better equipped to handle the risks that come with my age.

Because I was three weeks early, I had an unscheduled C-section, and they kept me in the hospital for three days. Finally, we left Sunnybrook with my new daughter Danielle, drove to Finch hospital and picked up Alexis, but we had to leave Nicole behind. I was sobbing. Once they were born, it was overwhelming. But then she let her son wear makeup to school.

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In one of his recent videos Star opened up to his fans that Laurie, whom he previously introduced as his mother, is actually his aunt and she is not blood-related to him. She was the wife of his paternal uncle Phil. They were married during 33 years till his death in Laurie Steininger and Jeffree got very close after his serious conflict with his mother.

He started to post pics with her, and his followers began to send him compliments, telling, that he looks exactly like his beautiful mother. And he told that Laurie is his mom to keep the ratings high.

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In fact, most part of his life Jeffree spent with his grandparents. His grandmother is years old as for now. Her three sons and a husband passed away. She is a person of a complicated fate. As a girl she attended Pacifica High School.

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They were school sweethearts. Nowadays she lives in Garden Grove, CA. She is engaged to Gary Atchison. But the things changed for better, when she reconnected with her son.

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Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. He even wore makeup to school. He rose to fame as MySpace star. At first the man posted just makeup looks, and later he started to record his own songs. Natalie Lind. Ruby Rose Turner. Jeffree Star. Next Natalie Lind. Previous Ruby Rose Turner. Interesting Biography Facts Real name.

Most popular Born on November 2. Jeffree Star family members Father's Name. What is Jeffree Star marital status? Who is Jeffree Star spouse? Who are Jeffree Star parents?