Sam Houstons Wife: A Biography of Margaret Lea Houston

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Sam Houston

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Sam Houston Hearne Collection, , Sam Houston Papers, Repository Browse List. Accessing Materials Described Here. Sam, at 46, cut a gallant figure indeed, but it may have been his adventurous spirit that appealed even more to Margaret, who at 20 still harbored a romantic nature.

Back in , Sam Houston had served as congressman and governor of his home state of Tennessee and was headed for a distinguished political career when he resigned the office of governor and went to live in Arkansas among the Cherokee Indians. Marrying Tiana Rogers , the daughter of a Native American chief, Houston lived among the Cherokees for six years, during which time he represented the tribe in diplomatic and business affairs. In , as trouble brewed on the Texas frontier, Houston left his wife the marriage, according to tribal custom, was dissolved to assist the colonists in their fight for independence from Mexico.

After leading the Texans in the historic confrontation with Santa Anna's troops at San Jacinto April 21, , Houston emerged a hero and became president of the newly formed republic of Texas.

Margaret Lea Houston

It was on a trip to Alabama three years later that he met Margaret and immediately proposed. A year passed before the couple married, during which time they began a loving correspondence that continued during the long separations in their year union.

follow They were wed in May , at Margaret's brother's home in Alabama, after which Margaret made the arduous trip across the Gulf of Mexico to Texas, bringing along her maid and lifetime friend Eliza. After the initial trip, Margaret, who was a poor traveler, made very few journeys away from home, although Sam, who served a second term as president of Texas and later as a U. Margaret, a devoted wife, was the mother of eight.

She oversaw the education and religious training of the children in a variety of Houston homes, varying from the rugged log houses of the early years to the two-story, yellow-brick governor's mansion in Austin.