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A basic feature of this set is a lower bound for the sum of the three variances.

We give a method for obtaining optimal lower bounds for uncertainty regions for general operator triples, and evaluate these for small s. Further lower bounds are derived by generalizing the technique by which Robertson obtained his state-dependent lower bound.


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Finding equilibration times is a major unsolved problem in physics with few analytical results. Here we look at equilibration times for quantum gases of bosons and fermions in the regime of negligibly weak interactions, a setting which not only includes paradigmatic systems such as gases confined to boxes, but also Luttinger liquids and the free superfluid Hubbard model. To do this, we focus on two classes of measurements: i coarse-grained observables, such as the number of particles in a region of space, and ii few-mode measurements, such as phase correlators and correlation functions.

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We show that, in this setting, equilibration occurs quite generally despite the fact that the particles are not interacting. Francesca Ferlaino, experimental physicist from Innsbruck, Austria, has received News In the news Events Photo Gallery. Transversally cooled atomic beams of Erbium and Dysprosium atoms Lab 5 Ferlaino group. Micro Ion Trap Lab 1 Blatt group.

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Superconducting Transmon qubit on a silicon substrate inside a copper cavity. Lab 3 Kirchmair group.

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With the Fellowship, the members of the Society honor outstanding scientific achievements of their colleagues. Read more: Francesca The prize, awarded for the first time, is for outstanding research in quantum physics. Read more: Micius Prize Francesca Ferlaino, experimental physicist from Innsbruck, Austria, has received the Junior BEC Award for her pioneering work on dipolar quantum gases. The award, honoring outstanding achievements in the field of Bose-Einstein condensation, was presented at an international conference on quantum gases in Spain.

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Read more: Junior BEC The mission of QuICS is to understand the consequences of representing and processing information quantum mechanically. A key reason to build a center on quantum information and computer science as part of an institute for computer studies is to better connect physicists, focused on how to build quantum devices, with computer scientists, asking how the devices can be used to solve problems.

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The University of Maryland has top-ranked programs in computer science , physics , applied mathematics , and other related areas. With partners on campus, in the Joint Quantum Institute and the Quantum Engineering Center , and off-campus, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology , the Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences , the Laboratory for Physical Sciences , and other government and industrial organizations, QuICS is uniquely positioned to bring the best minds together to explore the frontiers of quantum information science.

Transversally cooled atomic beams of Erbium and Dysprosium atoms

Skip to main content. What Is Quantum Information Science? Instead, a quantum model was necessary, introducing implausible features that were eventually verified in nature: The classical model can describe systems of particles or waves, but these are distinct phenomena.