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Giving Circle members met with experts, community activists and young people familiar with the juvenile justice system as part of a four-month process. This was the eighth Giving Circle presented by the Foundation since Richard Carrington, gesturing at right, founded Voices Against Violence in to build stronger bonds in south Pittsburgh neighborhoods. For the Circle, the Foundation invited ten nonprofit programs to make presentations and chose three to receive funding. Kathi Elliott, has received a grant.

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Also receiving funding is a new legal assistance program at Duquesne University. The centers also provide after-school programs that include tutoring, job training, health-and-wellness activities, and counseling support to deal with serious issues such as sexual trauma, bullying, body image, dating violence and family conflicts. The other half are walk-ins. They spend eight hours a week performing community service projects and six hours a week in classes ranging from academic tutoring to cooking.

Against Thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in Thy sight. I said, I will confess my sins unto the Lord; and so Thou forgavest the wickedness of my sin. Blessed is the man whose iniquity is forgiven, and whose sin is purged. There is forgiveness with Thee, therefore shalt Thou be feared. God is not against you but for you, in all the struggles of life; He wants you to get through safe; wants you to succeed; wants you to conquer; and He will hear your cry out of the deep and help you. And therefore when you find yourselves wrong, utterly wrong, do not cry to this man or that man, "Do you help me; do you set me a little more right before God comes, and finds me in the wrong and punishes me.

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Do not be like St. Peter before his conversion, and cry, "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord; wait a little till I have risen up, and washed off my stains, and made myself somewhat fit to be seen. Cry, "Come quickly, O Lord -- at once -- just because I am a sinful man; just because I am sore let and hindered in running my race by my own sins and wickedness; because I am lazy and stupid; because I am perverse and vicious, therefore raise up Thy power, and come to me, Thy miserable creature, Thy lost child, and with Thy great might succour me.

Lift me up, because I have fallen very low; deliver me, for I have plunged out of Thy sound and safe highway into deep mire where no ground is. Help myself I cannot, and if Thou help me not, I am undone. Pray so. Let your sins and wickedness be to you not a reason for hiding from Christ, who stands by; but a reason, the reason of all reasons, for crying to Christ, who stands by.

And then, whether He delivers you by gentle means or by sharp ones, deliver you He will, and set your feet on firm ground, and order your goings, that you may run with patience the race which is set before you along the road of life and the pathway of God's commandments wherein there is no death. Good News of God , Sermons. What are we to do when our sins bring us, as they certainly will some day bring us, into trouble, but to open our eyes and see that the only thing for men and women whom God has made is to obey Him?

How can we prosper by doing anything else?

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It is ill fighting against God. But some one may say, "I know I have sinned, and I do wish and long to obey God, but I am so weak, and my sins have so entangled me, that I cannot obey God.

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I long to do so. I feel and know, when I look back, that all my sin and shame and unhappiness come from being proud and self-willed and determined to have my own way.

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But I cannot mend. I had a thousand times sooner hear you say that you cannot mend than that you can. For those who really feel they cannot mend -- those who are really weary and worn out with the burden of their sins -- those who are tired out with their own wilfulness, and feel ready to lie down and die, like a spent horse, and say, "God take me away, no matter to what place; I am not fit to live here on earth, a shame and a torment to myself day and night" -- those who are in that state of mind are very near -- very near -- finding out glorious news.

God knows as well as you what you have to struggle against; ay, a thousand times better. He knows -- What does He not know?

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Therefore pray to Him. Cry to Him to make your will like His own will, that you may love what He loves, hate what He hates, and do what He wishes you to do; and you will surely find it come true that those who try to mend, and yet know that they cannot mend themselves, God will mend them.

National Sermons. Sin, [Greek text], is literally, as it signifies, the missing of a mark; and that each miss brings a penalty, or rather is itself the penalty, is to me the best of news, and gives me hope for myself and for every human being, past, present, and future, for it makes me look on them all as children under a paternal education, who are being taught to become aware of, and use their own powers in God's house, the universe, and for God's work in it; and in proportion as they learn to do that, they attain salvation, [Greek text], literally health and wholeness of spirit, which is, like the health of the body, its own reward.

Letters and Memories. If in sorrow the thought strikes you that you are punished for your sins, mourn for them, but not for the happiness they have prevented. Rather thank God that He has stopped you in time, and remember His promises of restoring us if we profit by His chastisement. He is sick and tired of sin. He is miserable, and he hardly knows why. There is a longing, and craving, and hunger at his heart after something better.

Then he begins to remember his Heavenly Father's house. Old words, which he learnt in childhood; good old words out of his Catechism and Bible, start up strangely in his mind. He had forgotten them, laughed at them perhaps in his wild days. But now they come up, he does not know where from, like beautiful ghosts gliding in.

And he is ashamed of them. They reproach him, the dear old lessons; and at last he says, "Would God that I were a little child again; once more an innocent little child at my mother's knee! Perhaps I have been a fool; and the old Sunday books were right after all. At least, I am miserable!

I thought I was my own master, but perhaps He about whom I used to read in the old Sunday books is my Master after all. At least, I am not my own master; I am a slave. Perhaps I have been fighting against Him, against the Lord God, all this time, and now He has shown me that He is the stronger of the two. Not so. He does not leave His work half done. If the work is half done, it is that we stop, not that He stops.

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Whoever comes to Him, however confusedly, or clumsily, or even lazily they may come, He will in no wise cast out. He may afflict them still more to cure that confusion and laziness; but He is a physician who never sends a patient away, or keeps him waiting for a single hour. The blessed St. Augustine found he could never conquer his own sins by arguing with himself, or by any other means, till he got to know God, and to see that God was the Lord.

And when his spirit was utterly broken, when he saw himself to have been a fool and blind all along -- then the old words which he learned at his mother's knee came up to his mind, and he knew that God had been watching, guiding him, letting him go wrong only to show him the folly of going wrong, caring for him, bearing with him, pleading with his conscience, alluring him back to the only true happiness, as a loving father will a rebellious and self-willed child; and he became a changed man.