Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely)

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I mean screamed! Too much fluff and not enough of an actual plotline happening. Mortal or Faery. July 01, This goes from the views of Scorcha, Aislinn, Seth, and Donia. Seth sees that Aislinn is growing closer to Keenan and he can't do anything to stop it.

Fragile Eternity Wicked Lovely Series

Aislinn loves Seth but she still feels the pull and longing with her Summer King. Donia loves Keenan but shes the only one making commitments while Keenan does anything in his power for his Queens attention and love. All of the faery courts are making new alliances and new enemies.

Will Seth find a way to be with Aislinn for eternity and will Donia be able to keep the Summer Kings love? This book was great. I personally have been waiting for the sequel to Wicked Lovely which I loved. You really see a different side of all the characters. Keenans complete lack of feeling for anyone else besides himself and his faeries. Donia starts to see reason where Keenan is concerened. Niall is a little more dark since he became the Dark King and he makes an unlikely alliance with some. I felt a little sad for Seth that Aislinn wasn't more trust worthy. I'm guessing there will be another book because the end leaves a lot of details open.

I hope we see more action and someone do something to Keenan. It was a good book all in all if you liked Wicked Lovely.

Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely #3) by Melissa Marr Book Reviews

Great sequel. June 28, Torn between the two, who will Ash choose? Reader reviewed by fayeflame synopsis Seth never expected he would want to settle down with anyonebut that was before Aislinn. Aislinn never expected to rule the very creatures who'd always terrified herbut that was before Keenan. I have to say this was not my favorite book in the series.

I was so lost, Seth and Ash, Ash and Keenan it just never ended. Keenan and Ash's "love" is weakening the Summer Court and when Ash had to choose between them she couldn't, but she always love Seth, why does she have to think about it, she only loves Keenan as a friend. Keenan and Ash try to make it work. Keenan and the Winter Queen can't work. I was lost in the bickering love triangles. Everybody just steps all over Ash. I just didn't love this book.

It was o. I hope this gets all sorted out in the next book. Prefered Wicked Lovely. June 02, Reader reviewed by Debbie This book was not bad per se but I did not enjoy it as much as Wicked Lovely. Reprinted here with author's permission. May 18, Reader reviewed by stephanie Fragile Eternity is definitely the best. It's not the morbid, gloomy book like Ink Exchange and Wicked Lovely was basically setting up the whole series. The plot definitely got better. More intense and more intriguing. The writing style also improved. It flowed easier and it wasn't as headaching to read the book. I felt like the ending didn't really conclude anything.

It ended abruptly and left me hanging there. What I enjoyed about Fragile Eternity was the look into all four of the Faerie courts. It gave it a sense of reality and it allowed the readers to see how the four courts function together. I also loved how the introduction of the new court and the new characters wasn't rough and uneven. Instead, it flowed seamlessly into the novel which made it all the more better. The characters were awesome as well. Beautifully written and utterly captivating. I loved Seth, however, I am completely dissatisfied with his neediness and his perseverance in becoming a Faerie.

He doesn't realize the consequences, the reality but because he's blinded by his love for Aislinn, he doesn't care and would do anything to be with her. I mean, I understand why he would want to do that but at the same time, I don't understand.

Aislinn is way too naive. She trusts everyone more than they deserve and because of that, she ends up abandoned and left alone. I wish she has more common sense and I wish that she's smarter. Keenan is, omg, way too selfish.

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I understand his need to care and protect his court but he has to realize that there are other people too and that they have feelings. It doesn't feel like he understands that and because of that, I'm annoyed with him. I also don't understand his ability to love both Donna and Aislinn. How does one love two women at the same time?? So wishy-washy. Overall, Fragile Eternity is amazing and I just found out that there's a sequel April 02, Date: April 3 out of 5 stars R- Violence, Sexual Content, and Profanity Not Recommended Aislinn is not only struggling to understand Faerie politics, but also her involuntary pull to her King, her partner, Keenan.

She tries to extinguish her lustful thoughts and feelings, but the spark never dies. Seth is feed up with being Aislinns vulnerability. She is now a Faerie Queen and its wrong to burden her even more. He is determined to once again become Aislinns equal and to truly be able to spend eternity together.

But who will Seth turn to if the good guys are unwilling to help? And will Aislinn stay true, or succumb to her lustful desires? The Faerie in this book were almost intoxicating. Magic, lust, envy, and greed were all present in huge amounts. This Faerie world was extremely broad and assorted, making it difficult to learn about one specific branch. I could not grasp the boundaries of Faerie.

Did all these Faerie Courts sit on one block? The characters, figuratively speaking, flew from one house to another quickly and back to the Mortal World. Or did the Faerie world exist in the Mortal World? Melissa Marr did an excellent job with giving an almost even amount of face time to each character in the book. Every one got their moment of perspective, so I got a little insight into every character also. I found it very odd that my favorite characters were the bad guys.

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The good guys all acted frivolous, in-the-moment, and even ditzy. Niall, Sorcha, and Seth, the bad guys, all expressed courage, compassion, responsibility, strength, and logic skill. The whole time while reading I felt the urge to yell, She doesnt deserve you, Seth! I was happily surprised and impressed at the choice Seth presented Aislinn at the end. You go, Seth!. The only reason why Im going to finish this trilogy is, Seth. I wish the best for him and I hope to see that he receives it. I dont feel any reason why I should recommend Fragile Eternity.

It was overall, an okay book, but why would I want to recommend an okay book full of lust, envy, greed, and confusion? If you have read Wicked Lovely or you think this book sounds interesting, go ahead and read it. But if you are kind of iffy or younger than 14, just skip it. There are plenty of other books worth your time! Date Reviewed: March 30th, For more book reviews and book information check out my blog at www. Powered by JReviews. Before we ge Read more. Each week we will be interviewing a different YA author and highlighting their upcoming release!

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Over the course of the last book, I laughed. I gasped. I jumped up and down in fangirlish glee. I would have cried, probably, but I read it in public, so no. And in the end, it left me with a smile, because if a series that took up so much of my life had to end, this was a good way for it to happen. External image. I am a little late this week as I am trying to get caught up from our mini vacation! Can anyone say from skiing hills to hills of laundry??

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It has now been almost a year since Universal dropped the Wicked Lovely movie. Your move, Hollywood. She wanted him to be worthy of what she was giving to him; she believed him to be so. He could still turn away; he could fail her in this moment. The choice was his; it was always theirs. His eyes were unfocused; his heartbeat was rapid. Then he quirked his metal-decorated brows, and she saw a spark of something unexpected.

Then, he gently kissed her palm. Log in Sign up. In those moments she could lie to herself and say she was happy, that there were benefits to being cosseted so—then the weight of what she had become rolled over her until the cramps of need made her insensible. No different than any other addict. Her drug might have a pulse and a voice, but he was a drug all the same. Ink exchange melissa marr wicked lovely fragile eternity radiant shadows darkest mercy wicked lovely series book series quote author personal. Just be you—strong and honest.

The rest falls into place if you do that. It always has. It always will. Remember that.

Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely, Book 3)

No matter what happens over the…centuries ahead of you, remember to be honest with yourself. And if you fail, forgive yourself. The whole world is new, and they have all had so many more years in it than you. Melissa Marr Fragile Eternity honesty. Happiness is a choice. He whispered in a tone meant for bedrooms and candlelight.

Fragile Eternity Book Review & Introduction

That was the nature of the Dark Court, though - violence and sex, fear and lust, anger and passion. I love every single character and it kills me. Just be you-strong and honest. No matter what happens over the … centuries ahead of you, remember to be honest with yourself. The whole world is new, and they have so many more years in the then you. As if fixing the little errors would made the big stuff manageable.

Read The Wicked Lovely series. Do it.