Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing

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These plants also carry a unique vibrational energy.

Power of Flowers

Using plants for healing not only transforms us on a physical level, but on an energetic level as well. When you ingest plants, your body takes in the rainbow of chemicals as well as a unique vibration that is passed along to you body. From an energetic perspective, the part of the plant with the highest vibration is its flower.


This is the part of the plant tasked with reproduction and continuation of the species. When a plant is blooming, the highest concentration of its life force is contained in that flower, in the hopes of being pollinated and continuing the cycle. From these highly energetic plant parts comes Flower Essences. Flower Essences are the vibrational signature of a plant.

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All vibrational remedies shift our energy so that we can feel better. So that we can be better. Create and use your own flower essences and homeopathic remedies, or choose from hundreds of remedies that are on the market today, including essential oils and crystal elixirs. Understand the power of UV light, and how to harness its healing potential through the use of LED lights or colors. Harness modern technological breakthroughs from NASA and other respected scientists and take charge of your healing process.

She makes it easy to relate to the material and her words will leave you feeling confident and self-empowered.

Practical Magic: Essences for Personal and Community Resilience

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How to use Flower Essences for Healing

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