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This piece is considered medium-easy ME and there is plenty of quick-paced finger work associated with it. However, with a patient, measure-by-measure approach, starting out slow and increasing speed with accuracy, you'll wind up with a finished product that sounds just like the versions you may have heard on the radio or in soundtracks from time to time.

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Not only is La Campanella beautiful to listen to, the myriad of techniques and interesting variations in sounds will keep your audience rapt with attention. Again, it is meant to be played at a quicker pace than some of the others, but slow and steady wins the race during practice hours , paying off in a flawless performance. Once you've mastered those five pieces, it's a sign you've graduated to the intermediate rung of the musical ladder.

Now, you'll be ready to practice the following five impressive songs for intermediate classical guitar students - as you begin to prepare for your orchestral potential.

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Sor's B-Minor Etude is one of his most famous works. It has a soaring melody on top and an accompaniment on the bottom. Rather than tackling it measure by measure, we recommend isolating the melody notes and playing them until you've created an expressive shape. Once you've done that, you can integrate the chords to get a sense of the harmonics involved, after which these elements can be put together.

Extended Techniques

This is a scaled etude study as well as a change in chord etude, which means learning this piece hones both of these important guitar skills. Being an intermediate player means moving beyond black-and-white note accuracy, and learning how to create dynamic, curvaceous and balanced tones.

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Tangos are all about rhythm and sensual expression. Ferrer's is the perfect tango for intermediate players, allowing fingers to move all over the neck. Lower-intermediate students can use it to hone the basic techniques you've gleaned as a beginner while also challenging your rhythmic accuracy. Then, kick it up a notch to embrace the expressive fire this famous tango holds in store. Here's a piece that comes to us by way of traditional Irish folk music. The very quick tempo makes it a phenomenal practice piece for acoustic guitar , although it also sounds good when played at slower tempos.

Since notes are all over the neck, you'll be working with higher-position notes.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Bar chords and some of their associated stretches will certainly give you something to work with and you'll also enjoy four different ornaments. Greensleaves , Anonymous, arr. Minuet , J.

Bach Many students will have played piano before moving onto the classical guitar, which is part of what makes this arrangement so interesting. The piece is in one movement with three sections "calm and confident", "dolce" and "scherzando" and no pauses. The tremolos evoke the dragonfly's hovering on transluscent wings. Silenus said to resemble Socrates is the father of the satyrs.

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To be played "with effervescence". The variations for two guitars on this theme lead into jazz, baroque and modern classical styles. I have stood on the summits of three of these, and the main mountain of the song, Mount Baldy, is a permanent part of my life.

Mount Baldy is called Muuyullpah in Mrs. Holly's song. I watched the sun go down behind it my entire youth, and my mother still does. De Angulo could not write standard musical notation, and invented some amazing techniques decipherable only to himself to record changes of pitch to help him remember.

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He knew most of the songs by heart and sang them with great pleasure, although he was not a Native Californian. The texts of these songs in translation can be as varied as "let us two make love with our legs entangled," "digging the earth, only rotten turnips do I find," and, "you are scornful, but your skirts are too short.

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Box , Santa Fe, NM More on Jaime de Angulo The fugue based on this Yuki theme is a study in counterpoint, especially between Native Californian music of which I know little and that of Johann Sebastian Bach. It was published in the spring issue of Gitarr och Luta , the main Swedish magazine for guitar and lute.