Beginning InfoPath 2003

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Then you assign full trust to the code group. The sample code download includes a readme. Granting forms full trust with InfoPath 1. You must redeploy such forms to every user every time you upgrade one of them. SP-1 lets you enable full trust by signing a form with a code-signing certificate. Users can cache the signed form from a server share, Web server, or Windows SharePoint Services site.

Beginning InfoPath 2003

Template changes update locally cached versions automatically when users open a new or existing form. The dialog box gives users the choice of displaying their most recently used forms, favorite forms, InfoPath sample forms, all your forms, or only the forms you designate by a custom category. Links to common tasks make it easy for users to fill out, design, or get updates to the selected form. Users have the option of preventing the "Fill Out a Form" dialog from appearing.

A form conflict dialog lets them choose between multiple versions of the same form. InfoPath SP-1's upgraded capabilities now let you add an unlimited number of data validation expressions to groups and fields. Event-based rules let you display messages, change a field's value, query or submit with a specified data connection, or open a new form to complete.

  • Tutorial 3—Step 12: Add custom controls to InfoPath.
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You can employ conditional formatting for almost every control type and bring up the Insert Formula dialog to add XPath expressions for setting default values. User roles let you assign Active Directory security groups to roles you define by name, and specify a match or no match to the User's Current Role value in Condition dialogs.

You can do the same thing with user accounts or usernames in a data source field. You also gain the flexibility of being able to assign digital signatures to individual data blocks. Otherwise, you'd only be able to sign the entire form.

Now you can even specify multiple signatures as independent, sequence-independent co-sign , or sequence-dependent counter-sign. I've only touched on the depth and variety of InfoPath's new and improved declarative design features. InfoPath SP-1 does offer a backward-compatibility option for creating forms that don't add the new features, which might be useful in some circumstances. However, I doubt many InfoPath developers will choose to forego the extended feature set.

The benefits far outweigh the hassle of having to apply SP-1 to all InfoPath user machines when you implement the new features.

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Give InfoPath SP-1's new managed code and declarative form design features a test drive. I believe you'll agree that the SP-1 upgrade delivers much more than a typical service pack or point release. Actually, I'd call it InfoPath 2.

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My Google Apps, 2nd Edition. Add To My Wish List. Watt Published Mar 23, by Sams. Part of the Kick Start series. Book Sorry, this book is no longer in print. Not for Sale. Downloads Downloads All the code used as examples in the book - kb -- code. Sample Content Table of Contents Introduction. Getting Started with InfoPath.

InfoPath Is Different. The InfoPath Workspace and Workflow. InfoPath Form Controls. Expression Boxes. What an Expression Box Is.

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Using XPath in Expression Boxes. Connecting to a Database. Connecting to Microsoft Access. Connecting to a Web Service. Validating Form Data. Updating and Modifying InfoPath Forms. Security and InfoPath Forms.

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Windows SharePoint Services Overview. Creating a Form Template and Form Library. Planning InfoPath Solutions. Understanding the. The Manifest File. Scripting in InfoPath.