Ageing in Asia: Asia’s Position in the New Global Demography

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David Airey. Communism's Shadow. Grigore Pop-Eleches. Migration, Risk and Uncertainty. Allan M.

Asia’s Work Force is Peaking, but the Investor Base is Still Growing

Women, Education and Development in Asia. Grace C. Revitalising Communities in a Globalising World.

Aging in East Asia Pacific: How People Prepare for Retirement and Old Age

Lena Dominelli. Gender and Welfare States in East Asia. Sirin Sung. Poverty and Social Exclusion in the New Russia. Nataliya Tikhonova. Adapting to Russia's New Labour Market. Sarah Ashwin. Colin C. Tareak Rather. Giovanni Razzu. Chinese Education. Irving Epstein. Social Capital and the Transition to Democracy. Gabriel Badescu. Europe: One Continent, Different Worlds.

De Beer. Ageing, Gender, and Labour Migration. Aija Lulle. Learning to Labour in Post-Soviet Russia. Attitudes, Poverty and Agency in Russia and Ukraine.

China’s Population Destiny: The Looming Crisis

This Chair Rocks. Ashton Applewhite. Disability and Postsocialism. Teodor Mladenov. Xuming Yang. Generational Cycles. Nicholas Beecroft. Aging Our Way. Meika Loe.

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Political Culture and Participation in Rural China. Yang Zhong. Harry R. Aging in Hong Kong. Jean Woo. Causes and Consequences of Democratization. Anastassia V. Domesticating Neo-Liberalism. Alison Stenning. Germany's New Security Demographics. Wenke Apt. Population Aging, Fertility and Social Security. Akira Yakita.

Contemporary Chinese Education. Ruth Hayhoe. Rural Aging in 21st Century America. Oh Edmund. Education and Reform in China. Emily Hannum. Inverse Projection Techniques. Elisabetta Barbi. State, Authority And Decentralization. Venkat Raman. Toward a Russian market economy.

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Simon M. Population ageing from a lifecourse perspective. Aging in European Societies. Constantinos Phellas. Choices and Constraints. Jian Zhu. The Frontiers of Applied Demography. David A. Raymond K. Intercultural Variation in Family Research and Theory. Roma S Hanks. William B. Between two worlds of father politics. Michael Rush. Death and Social Policy in Challenging Times. Kate Woodthorpe.

Welfare State at Risk. Household and Living Arrangement Projections.

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Yi Zeng. Life after Lisbon. Christian van Stolk. Endangered Daughters. Elizabeth Croll. Analysing China's Population. China in Search of a Harmonious Society. While the task of addressing the graying workforce in Asia will be a vast societal undertaking carried out over a long period of time, companies can help ease the transition by adopting steps, including the following:. An aging workforce may soon be commonplace everywhere.

Ageing in Asia

Companies need to start making its impact more positive. Follow him on Twitter at daeryun. Managing people.

Dae Ryun Chang. Companies need to jump over the psychological hurdle to acknowledge that the population is aging quickly and that it has HR consequences. In addition, companies should spread the mindset that the graying population can be repositioned to help solve the related labor problems. Deconstruct corporate working norms. Asia takes pride in its Confucian tradition , but in companies, it just gets in the way of hiring and managing older workers.

The dogma that the old are wiser and have to be respected ends up hurting this segment because it reduces their flexibility. Respect is fine but it should flow both ways between the young and old. Another norm common in countries like Japan and Korea is emphasizing long hours of onsite work. If the added workers can contribute online while offsite, the lack of in-person contact could lessen the cultural discomfort of younger bosses working with older employees.

The biggest knock against the older workers is their low flexibility which is much worse in Asia PDF. To overcome that stigma, these workers must show that they are able to cope with new working terms and conditions.